Who is Kit?

I cut my photographer’s teeth in the grunge and haze of Boston’s underground arts scene. An economics student amongst the city’s creatives and visionaries, I fast learned to work with those who had wild, dramatic designs that needed a practical, rigorous mind to realize them. Out of the underground and into the professional, I use the same skills working with clients and creative partners to craft images that move their brands and ideas forward.

Born and raised in the heart of San Francisco, I came up surrounded by old-school hippies, streetwear collectors, musicians, and every other stripe and flavor of person the stereotypes would have you believe. My dad, a Brooklyn native library worker/photographer, zealously documented every waking moment of my upbringing. With cameras fixed on me at all times, he made sure that they became an ever-present fixture in my life. My mum, hailing from a grim English factory town, made sure I grew up with a will to get things done and a stiff (but still emotionally available) upper lip.


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(Its @kit_castagne)